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24 Hours Until Hunting Season

The countdown to Virginia bow hunting season 2010 is on in our house. Rick has dialed in the bow, pulled out the camo, and stocked up on replacement filters for his beloved Thermacel bug repellent. I’m getting ready to grill up some fresh tenderloin when the time is right.

As you get ready for hunting season, I thought I share some links for Hunting Gear at Rick buys most of his gear on-line from BassPro; it’s a great shop. Here are some of Rick’s favorites.
RedHead  Leafy 3D Camo Suits for MenThis lightweight camo is perfect for Virginia fall hunting. RedHead Leafy 3D Camo Suits for Men offer the perfect blend of form and function. Features include soft and quiet bug mesh fabric in the body, revolutionary 3D Evolution laser-cut spongy leaves, and silhouette-vanishing 3D Evolution leaf technology. And they’re machine washable. The jacket features: Full front zipper, full hood, double waist string adjustments, elastic cuffs. Pants feature an elastic waist, elastic cuffs, generous fit. Mostly, the fabric breaths, so even on hot days you won’t be miserable. Rick loves this product.

Delta 3-D Deer Target - Broadhead Buck or Vital Core Replacement InsertRick loves “Bucky”. This target is great for practice and as a decoy. And it totally freaks out shoppers at the grocery store when its head is sticking out the back of the pick up truck. Delta 3-D Deer Target Features a replaceable, self-closing vital area; the remainder of the body is constructed of flexible and durable self-closing foam with IBO-approved scoring areas on both sides. Stands up to extensive broadhead and field-point use from high-performance compound bows with aluminum or carbon arrows. Convenient 4-piece design with easy twist-lock assembly. 2 ground stakes included. Removable antlers. Made in USA. Broadhead Buck Combines 3-D target foam with “Encapsulated Layer Core” for field points and broadheads. One-handed removal is a snap. Lifelike and life-size with removable antlers and twist-lock assembly. 34-1/2″ high (to back), 51″ high (to antlers), and 44″ long.

Thermacel Mosquito Repellent Review

ThermaCell  Mosquito Repellent

I cannot rave enough about the Thermacel Mosquito Repellent Appliance. I am a bug magnet. Mosquitos and tics will find me no matter what. My wife calls me her own personal bug repellent because if I’m standing next to her, the bugs will eat me and not touch her at all. Needless to say, this made hunting in Virginia in the late summer very miserable. I couldn’t wear bug spray when deer hunting, so I’d get eaten alive. I read a review of Thermacell in a hunting magazine, and I thought I’d give it a try.

I love this product! It works great. I can sit in the tree all day without getting a single bite. And there are no bugs flying around my head, getting in my eyes. The deer don’t smell a thing, so I don’t have to worry about that.

It works so well, we use it when we do yard work or hang out on the patio with friends. I’m so happy I discovered Thermacel.

ThermaCell  Mosquito Repellent Refill KitDon’t forget your refills!

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