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How to Cut Using the Rolling Method

Sawing your meat and vegetables is not actually the best way to chop, dice, and slice. The rolling method gives you control over the knife and, thus, much more precision with how to cut the meat. This video demonstrates the technique. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at how much easier using your knife is.

How to Hold Your Knife

I am a fan of my fingers, and therefore am not interested in losing one of them while cooking. When I took my knife skills class, I was shocked to discover just how much danger I’d been putting my fingers in all these years! Learning how to properly hold a knife has given me much control over how I chop, dice, and slice. I also find that by holding my knife properly, I can chop tons of veggies very quickly. It’s wonderful! Here is the first of 5 videos that discuss knife technique.

How to Sharpen Your Knife

A sharp knife is a cook’s best friend. Keeping your knife sharp makes everything you do easier, from chopping onions to slicing a roast. I used to be one of those cooks who sharpened my knife about once a year. No wonder everything was so difficult! Then I took a knife skills class and learned the importance and value of keeping my knives sharp. That has made the single biggest difference in my cooking skills. This video demonstrates how to hone your knife, something you should do every time you use it.

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