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Game on...share your hunting, gathering, and cooking blog posts!

Hunters, Gatherers, foodies, and everyone interested in eating and preparing wild game, it’s time we share our thoughts and inspirations. We have a lot to learn from each other, from how to harvest game to how to put it on the table…and every step in between.

If you have a blog, then Game On! I want to hear from hunters and fisherman who share their adventures in the field and the cooks who put that great food on the table. Mostly this is about game meats, but I think a little bit of local farming, sportsmanship, and general good eating fits here too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Game On! is open to anyone who has a relevant blog. This is a family site, so keep it clean. But other than that, you decide the topic.
  2. You’ll link to the blog post, not your home page (the goal here is to create deep links, the kind that makes Google very happy).
  3. I’m using Linky Tools to create these lists. Please fill out everything on the form—you want readers to know what your post is about so they know they want to click on it!
  4. Mention Game On! at Great Venison Cooking at the end of your post. And link to the Game On! post rather than the home page (again, looking for those deep links!). And/or include the Great Venison Cooking badge (below).
  5. I’ll post a new linky list link every Saturday morning. I’ll keep the list open for a week.
  6. Have fun. Link to your best posts. Link often.

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