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Venison and Roasted Veggies with Bagel Spice

bagel spice

Who knew the everything bagel spices would work great as a venison rub. Well…you know now.

One of the perks of writing a food blog (aside from having an excuse to experiment with recipes) is that sometimes people send me samples of their food products. I love being introduced to spices and condiments I didn’t previously know about. Bagel Spice being the most recent example.

I love bagels, especially the aromatic spices used to flavor them. My favorite is sesame, but I have always appreciated a good everything bagel. But I’d never considered using such a spice blend on venison—or really anything except a bagel. I now know differently!

My sample package contained three flavors: the original, sea salt, and zesty jalapeno. For my first experiment I chose to go simple and do a rub on my venison and toss the roasted veggies. I wanted to use the jalapeno for the venison—I thought the zing would be a nice compliment to the meat. However, when it came time to cook, that one had disappeared. I was completely baffled—I knew I’d gotten three of them, but couldn’t find it for my life (it later turned up in my spice cabinet, a logical place for it, but I hadn’t put it there).

bagel spice

Venison with Original Bagel Spice and Roasted Veggies with Sea Salt.

Venison with Original Bagel Spice rub

For the venison, I chose a tenderloin cut. I brushed the meat with olive oil and then rubbed it with the original bagel spice (probably about 2 Tablespoons). I then broiled it (because we ran out of propane for the grill…urgh). I broiled it about 4 minutes on each side so that it was medium rare after sitting for five minutes.

The verdict? Delicious. The spices were a little crunchy and the flavor exploded. It was lovely. And I didn’t need to salt the meat at all, which is nice to know for people who need to reduce their sodium. This may seem crazy, but I so closely associate those spice flavors with bagels that I actually felt like I was eating bread with my meal. It was great!

I think my next venison experiment will be to add the jalapeno to ground venison for burgers. Yum!

Roasted Vegetables with Sea Salt Bagel Spice

I wanted a little salt flavor with the veggies, so I chose the sea salt variety. I roasted broccoli, beets, carrots, and potatoes, but you could do any assortment of veggies you wanted. I simply tossed the vegetables with olive oil and about 2 teaspoons of the bagel spice, and then roasted them for 20 minutes. Easy as can be, and wow it was good. I usually roast my veggies in olive oil and salt and I didn’t realize how boring that had become. The sesame and poppy seed flavors worked very nicely with the vegetables. It was a different taste, but still a subtle one. Just a little oomph for the veggies.

Rick and I spent dinner thinking about all the fun things we could do with these spices, and I plan to experiment more! I may try some of the recipes on their site too. Who knows? Thank you for sharing with me Bagel Spice.

Venison Jalapeno Cheddar Medallions

Venison Jalapeno Cheddar Medallions

Creamy in the center, tender meat, and crunchy bacon...your mouth will be very happy.

What is better than having a venison tenderloin for dinner? Having your wonderful husband make it for you, that’s what. I came home from work the other night with a splitting headache and no desire to cook dinner after sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour. Fortunately, Rick sensed I wouldn’t be in the mood to cook and took matters into his own hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Venison Cherry Drops Appetizer Recipe

Venison Cherry Drops

Venison Cherry Drops make a great holiday appetizer.

Can you believe it’s only 10 days until Christmas? For us, the holiday parties are starting this weekend. I’ve already eaten more cookies in the last few days than I have the rest of the year (a side affect of working in an office after 10 years of working out of my house). I’ll tell you, I’m really looking forward to some protein! Read the rest of this entry »

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