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Venison Shawarma with Tzatziki Sauce

Venison Shawarma on pita

Venison Shawarma with Tzatziki ... a perfect combination

I first made (and posted) this recipe two years ago. At the time, Rick told me I should make it again. Well, I finally did and it was just as good as we both remembered it. I thought it was worth updating this post because I got better pictures of it today. Read the rest of this entry »

Game On! December 10, 2011

Game On! image

Share your favorite wild game recipes, hunting stores, and more!

Welcome to this week’s Game On, where other people can share what they’re doing with the Wild Game in their pantry. Venison, elk, bear, salmon, bass, squirrel…you get the picture. If you’re blogging about wild game, there are readers here who want to know about it. In fact, if you have any blog related to hunting, fishing, cooking game, or even cooking food that food eats (aka, home grown produce), share your favorite blogs. Read the “rules” here, and click on the Linky List link below to share your wisdom. I look forward to discovering many great blogs this week.

Taste of Autumn Venison Stew

Taste of Autumn Venison Stew

All the flavors of fall: venison, apples, butternut squash, cinnamon and clove!

When the air gets crisp and I start feeling the urge to hunker down in my comfys all night, I start craving hearty stews. But I don’t always want potatoes and carrots in my stew; to me that gets kind of boring after a while. Besides, in my area, the farmer’s markets are brimming with fresh local apples and a variety of squashes. Oh how I love butternut squash! Read the rest of this entry »

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