Cooking Techniques

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Deer meat is delicious when cooked right, and cooking venison is really very easy. There are just a few adjustments you need to make to ensure you don’t overcook the meat. Here are some techniques often used when cooking with venison meat. Read on to find out how to cook with venison, including tips on marinating deer meat, using the gas grill as a smoker, grilling venison, roasting, and more.

The pages below discuss some techniques for working with venison. But cooking well—whatever you are cooking—requires knowing the fundamental techniques for cooking anything. I’ve teamed with Rouxbe online cooking school to provide some of those techniques in video format. Watch this video to learn a little bit more about Rouxbe.

How to Cook With Venison Meat

Both dry-heat and moist-heat cooking methods work well for venison. Dry heat includes grilling, roasting, broiling, and pan frying. Moist heat includes braising and stewing. Dry heat is best for the high-quality loins, backstraps, and rump—they make the best kabobs, steaks, and medallions. Moist heat is best for the lesser-quality cuts, which make great stews, slow-cook roasts, and meat loaf.