Prepping Venison

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Marinating Venison: Marinating venison is great for purely flavoring the meat, but it serves a practical purpose too. If you know you have a gamey piece of meat (for example, it came from a mature buck), marinating the deer can get rid of some of that gamey taste. Rinsing and marinating in vinegar for a few hours is especially effective, as is marinating in buttermilk overnight. In general, I’ll marinate any piece of meat larger than 2 pounds overnight, but smaller steaks and kabobs get a maximum of 2 hours. Don’t marinade the venison longer than 24 hours because the meat will get mushy. When marinating for more than 2 hours, keep the meat in the refrigerator. Less than 2 hours, it’s safe to keep the meat at room temperature.

Salting: Don’t salt the meat to tenderize because it removes juices and inhibits browning. (The exception is for a salt roast, where you’re using the rock salt to create a steamer, which keeps the juices in). I typically use kosher salt, which I find has a smoother flavor than iodized salt and doesn’t tend to dry out the meat.

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