Favorite Venison Recipes of 2011

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All of my favorite food bloggers have been recapping their top recipes for 2011, and that made me curious about what my top 10 list of favorite venison recipes is. I look at my google analytics frequently, mostly to see if the pulled venison BBQ sandwich is keeping it’s spot at #1 (it is). But I’ve never made a list of the most viewed recipes. Until now. These are actually my readers favorite venison recipes, although I tend to agree with their good taste!

Favorite Venison Recipes

Here it is, the top 10 most frequently viewed recipes on my site. Note, these are the top recipes, which I interpret as the favorite venison recipes of my readers. Some of my other posts and pages get more views (especially the field dressing tutorials and the cooking tutorials). But the recipes are my favorite, so that’s what I’m recapping here. What are your favorite venison recipes?

  1. Pulled venison BBQ sandwich
    favorite venison recipes: Pulled Venison BBQ Sandwich

    Pulled Venison BBQ is one of life great and simple pleasures.

    Every month, this recipe comes up #1 on my hit list. No surprise…pulled venison BBQ is awesome!

  2. Smoking venison
    favorite venison recipes: smoked venison roast

    smoking venison on the grill is delicious

    Smoked venison is right behind BBQ in popularity. And why not? Smoked meat is tender and flavorful. This roast is amazing.

  3. Homemade Venison Bratwurst
    Venison bratwurst and sauerkraut

    Bratwurst, mustard and saurkraut. Heavenly.

  4. Venison Tacos
    Venison Meat Taco

    Venison is great for family taco night.

  5. Venison salt roast
    venison salt roast

    For the perfect, tender roast, try the salt roast.

    This is a fool proof way to make your venison roast perfect every time.

  6. Venison Roast with Garlic and Rosemary Rub
  7. Sweet and spicy venison jerky
  8. Venison stock
  9. Venison Chorizo
  10. Summer BBQ stuffed backstrap

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