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Venison crositini

Roast venison on crostini with marscapone cheese, arugula, and pepper relish.

Welcome to the Hunting Widow’s Guide to Great Venison Cooking, where you’ll find venison recipes (venison burgers, venison roasts, and more). You’ll also find venison cooking tips, and articles and videos on preparing meat (field dressing, skinning, and quartering the deer). Why did I start this vension recipe site? Because my husband is a hunter, and a very good one at that. As a result, I always have about 100 pounds of venison in the freezer—no matter how much I cook, the meat just keeps reappearing. After eating about 50 gallons of chili one year, I realized I had a choice to make—I could keep making the same dishes over and over, or I could really learn how to cook venison and experiment with gourmet recipes. So my quest started. I love looking for interesting recipes and testing them with venison. This web site is the product of that research. Bon Appetite!

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