Field Dressing Deer

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Step 6: Turn the dear over on it’s belly, and put the head back on it’s shoulders. This will drain most of the blood out. While that’s draining, clean up and put away your dressing equipment.

Now you need to get your deer out of the woods.

How to Get the Deer Out of the Woods

After you’re done field dressing your deer, you have to get it out of the woods. This is the hardest part of the day. It helps to have hired sherpas or teenaged boys on hand at this point, but most often you’re on your own.

Removing in a Vehicle

Depending on terrain, weather, and so on, you may choose to get it out any number of ways. If getting a vehicle close is an option, I will flip the deer back over, put a clean stick between the halves of the chest and open it up to allow air circulation, then go get the truck, bringing everything with me except the deer. If the vehicle is close enough, my buddy and I pick the deer up by the legs and carry it to the truck (this is the best option for us in Northern Virginia because the foxes are very, very quick here).