Hunting Season Starts Now!

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It’s a beautiful late summer morning and I’m sitting alone on my couch drinking my morning coffee. My hunter is in a tree, no doubt happy as can be. Bowhunting season in Virginia opened today, and it’s about time too…our freezer is almost empty.

It will be interesting to see what the season is like. For the past few years, our county has been slowly expanding an urban hunting program in the parks in an effort to control the population. Rick’s hunt club participates in it, and they were very successful in their park last year. This year the park next to his favorite private hunting spot is on the list. While that’s good for the park, he’s a little worried about how that will impact his success. We will see. I’m glad the county is running the program. We have such an overpopulation problem. And I’m really not too worried; I’m sure Rick will fill our freezer and have plenty to give to all of our friends and to donate to Hunters for the Hungry!

Now I have to focus on my job—finding more good recipes to test with venison!

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