The Importance Of Aging Deer Meat

Aging meat is a crucial step in the butchering process that greatly affects the flavor, texture, and overall quality of the meat. For centuries, people have known that hanging game meats out to dry in barns or cool basements improves their taste and extends their shelf life. However, few people are actually aware of how this aging process works and what its specific benefits are.

The main reason why aging is so important is because it allows microbes present on the surface of the meat to break down chemicals that can cause harmful effects on human health. As these microbes feast on these noxious compounds, they produce enzymes that help to tenderize the meat and modify the flavor to make it more palatable. Additionally, aging increases the concentration of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in the muscle tissue, making it healthier for us to consume. So if you want to experience mouthwatering flavors and textures in your next venison roast or aged steak, be sure to let it age before feasting!

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