Happy New Year’s Venison Appetizers

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Happy New Year! What a great start to 2012. We spent a quiet evening with a few friends, who devoured the two venison appetizers I brought to the party. Nothing makes a hunting widow and cook happier then people licking the plate clean!

venison appetizers: Dill bacon bitesvenison appetizers: root beer onion tartsThe only thing these two venison appetizers have in common is that, well, I used venison in them. Other than that, they are completely different tastes. Not surprisingly, the men had devoured the Dill Bacon Bites practically before I’d set the tray on the table. The ladies drifted toward the onion tarts.

I’ve posted both of these venison appetizer recipes on my Backyard Grocery site because I took pains to make sure I was using only local ingredients in them (that’s usually the criteria for posting a venison recipe on that site versus this one). So pop on over to check out the recipes: Dill Bacon Bites and Root Beer Onion Tarts.

Look for some other venison appetizers on this site too: I have a lot of them!

Why serve venison appetizers?

Do you have any friends or family that refuse to eat your venison? We do! What I’ve found is that bringing venison appetizers to parties is a great way to introduce people to the joys of venison. It’s safe for them—most appetizers are really just one bite of food. They can say they tried it, but aren’t stuck with a whole dinner if they hate it. But they never hate it. Never! I’ve become known for bringing a venison appetizer to any party I attend, and people generally look forward to seeing what I’ll show up with. Even the hunt club annual party, where everyone brings game, they’re excited. Because my venison appetizer recipes are also different than what most hunters are making. Try them out!

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