Venison Recipes

venison recipes

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venison recipes

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Need great venison recipe ideas? I sure did when I started cooking venison. I created this site to help venison cooks find great venison recipes, and learn how to cook this amazing meat well.

On this site you can search for free venison recipes, including backstraps, venison burgers, venison roasts, stews, and other meat. If you prefer a good old fashioned cookbook, “The Hunting Widow’s Guide to Great Venison Cooking—Volume 1: Family Favorites,” has over 100 venison recipes and cooking tips!

Featured Venison Recipes

Here are just a few of the venison recipes on this site. These are the recipes people ask about most or are my personal favorites. For more, click on one of the categories to the right.

If you love to BBQ, we have tons of recipes for the grill; just look on the BBQ & Grill page. In the winter, nothing beats a hearty stew or meatloaf, and you’ll find recipes for those too. Click here to browse our most recent recipes. You’ll also find tips for cooking venison, articles and videos on preparing meat (field dressing, skinning, and quartering the deer), and videos with on-line cooking lessons supplied by Rouxbe on-line cooking school.

If you’re new to cooking venison, and don’t have a hunter who can supply this nutritious meat for you, visit our links page to find online venison meat and wild game suppliers. It’s worth it!

I love looking for interesting recipes and testing them with venison. Cooking with venison can be tricky, but I’ve learned how to adapt recipes so the meat is tender and delicious. This web site is the product of that research. Bon Appetite!