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venison appetizer recipes: venison con quesoWe love the meal before the meal. Whether you need a simple and hearty venison appetizer for watching the ball game or something elegant for your dinner party, you’ll find it here. We’ve found that using our deer meat in appetizers is a great way to introduce people to venison as well. All of these venison appetizer recipes are easy to make and delicious. We know, we’ve tested them on skeptical audiences.

Venison Appetizer Recipes

Tips for your venison appetizer recipes

  1. When Rick is butchering the deer, we often think through things we may want to do with the meat. That way, we package the meat up in the right cuts and right sizes. A lot of the venison appetizer recipes use fairly small quantities of meat. So make sure you bundle up some 1/2 pound parcels of meat.
  2. Also, left overs make great appetizers. Sometimes if a recipe call for ground venison, but I have some roast in the fridge, I just chop that meat up finely and use it in the venison appetizer recipe. Nobody knows that’s not what the recipe called for!