Burgers and Pizza

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venison burger recipesNeed venison recipes the kids will love? Nothing beats a good old venison burger or pizza. Venison meat is great for these yummy family favorites, and these venison burger recipes and venison pizza recipes fill the bill. You’ll need to pull out the meat grinder for these recipes, so if you don’t have one you may want to hint to your hubby it’d be a great gift.

Venison Burger Recipes

A tasty variation for any of these venison burger recipes is to wrap the burgers in bacon (securing with a bamboo skewer). This will help keep the meat from falling apart on the grill and it will taste good! You can also add a little olive oil to the meat, which will also add enough fat to keep the burger secure on the grill.

Venison Pizza, Calzone, and other fun foods

Have you ever thought of making venison pizza? If you’ve got kids to feed, I’d add these recipes to your list of family favorite. You and the kids will love it!