Chili, Stew, & Soup

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Venison Chili and stew

Venison Chili Mole

Most people I talk to think of venison chili and stew when they think of venison recipes. Although there is much, much more to do with the deer meat, it does work really well in chili and stews, and in soups. I remember my first venison chili; it was like a slice of heaven! Making venison chili and stews and soups are a good way to use the not so good cuts of deer meat you get. And they’re great on a cold day! Also, you’ll end up with lots of leftovers. Venison chili and stew freezes really well, and it makes a good lunch the next day.

Venison Chili and Stew Recipes

I do love venison chili and stew on a cold winter day. I probably mostly make venison chili, which is in part due to the fact that I love Tex-Mex food. I also love ground venison, and it works better in chili than in stew. But I’ve got some great stew recipes too (like Guinness Stew). As long as it’s cold enough, I’ll be in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes.

Venison Chili Recipes

Venison Stew Recipes

Venison Soup Recipes

Soup is perhaps one of the easiest things to make. All you need is some good venison stock, vegetables, and meat. Here are some recipes to get you started with soups!