Roasts and Entrees

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Venison roast recipeA lovely venison roast is great for impressing you’re dinner guests. These venison roast recipes add different variations on the theme of a basic roast. I’ve also included other venison entrees in this section…basically, this is where to come for any nice dinner you want to prepare. For example, venison backstrap recipes always impress the guests too. They’re easy, but elegant. And, of course, delicious.

There are so many ways to cook haunch of venison, venison backstraps, medallions, steaks, tenderloins, and other choice cuts of deer meat. My mouth waters just thinking about all of these venison roast recipes. Try any of these delicious venison recipes at your next gathering.

Venison Roast Recipes

I grew up eating a Sunday roast, and I still crave roast meat. These days, it’s a good venison roast that I want, and these venison roast recipes deliver! Do be careful when make your venison roast recipe that you don’t over cook the meat. Cook low and slow, and take the meat out of the oven when it’s about 10 degrees cooler than you want—a roast will keep cooking once it’s removed from the oven. In about 10 minutes, which is how long you should let it sit before serving, it will be at the perfect temperature (which is rare or medium rare, not well done!)

Venison Dinner Entree Recipes

I love the look on a dinner guests face when I serve them a gorgeous plate of perfectly prepare venison. Most people can’t believe they’re eating venison meat with these recipes. Like with the roasts, don’t over cook these entrees. Venison should be rare or medium rare, and it’s very easy to go from perfect to shoe leather in moments. Keep an eye on the meat while it cooks, and remember it will keep cooking when you take it out of the oven or off the grill.

Venison Breakfast Entree Recipes

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