Salads & Sandwiches

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venison sandwich recipesYa gotta eat lunch, and what could be better than a venison sandwich (unless you’re like me and you love food that food eats, which means I eat venison salads). Whatever your preference, you can use your leftover roasts or cook the meat just for the purpose of these venison recipes. The following venison sandwich recipes and venison salad recipes are mine and Rick’s personal favorites. Rick never tires of me concocting new venison sandwich recipes, so check back often to see what is new.

Venison Sandwich Recipes

American love our sandwiches. I think Rick would eat a sandwich for every single meal if he could. Part of the reason I make so many roasts is so that Rick will have meat for his sandwiches. It may seem silly to have a section of venison sandwich recipes, but my hope is that you’ll think beyond meat, mayo, and bread. The type of bread, the type of sauce and other condiments, and even how you made the meat all contribute to an excellent sandwich. I believe anything you eat some the amazing, not just good.

Venison Salads

I am a salad eater. While I appreciate a good sandwich, the bread is really too much for me. I have always loved a hearty entree salad. I often grill up some venison just for my salads (yes, I steal all the really good meat for myself). These venison salad recipes should give you a good idea of the many different ways you can make a hearty entree salad.