Venison and Roasted Veggies with Bagel Spice

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bagel spice

Who knew the everything bagel spices would work great as a venison rub. Well…you know now.

One of the perks of writing a food blog (aside from having an excuse to experiment with recipes) is that sometimes people send me samples of their food products. I love being introduced to spices and condiments I didn’t previously know about. Bagel Spice being the most recent example.

I love bagels, especially the aromatic spices used to flavor them. My favorite is sesame, but I have always appreciated a good everything bagel. But I’d never considered using such a spice blend on venison—or really anything except a bagel. I now know differently!

My sample package contained three flavors: the original, sea salt, and zesty jalapeno. For my first experiment I chose to go simple and do a rub on my venison and toss the roasted veggies. I wanted to use the jalapeno for the venison—I thought the zing would be a nice compliment to the meat. However, when it came time to cook, that one had disappeared. I was completely baffled—I knew I’d gotten three of them, but couldn’t find it for my life (it later turned up in my spice cabinet, a logical place for it, but I hadn’t put it there).

bagel spice

Venison with Original Bagel Spice and Roasted Veggies with Sea Salt.

Venison with Original Bagel Spice rub

For the venison, I chose a tenderloin cut. I brushed the meat with olive oil and then rubbed it with the original bagel spice (probably about 2 Tablespoons). I then broiled it (because we ran out of propane for the grill…urgh). I broiled it about 4 minutes on each side so that it was medium rare after sitting for five minutes.

The verdict? Delicious. The spices were a little crunchy and the flavor exploded. It was lovely. And I didn’t need to salt the meat at all, which is nice to know for people who need to reduce their sodium. This may seem crazy, but I so closely associate those spice flavors with bagels that I actually felt like I was eating bread with my meal. It was great!

I think my next venison experiment will be to add the jalapeno to ground venison for burgers. Yum!

Roasted Vegetables with Sea Salt Bagel Spice

I wanted a little salt flavor with the veggies, so I chose the sea salt variety. I roasted broccoli, beets, carrots, and potatoes, but you could do any assortment of veggies you wanted. I simply tossed the vegetables with olive oil and about 2 teaspoons of the bagel spice, and then roasted them for 20 minutes. Easy as can be, and wow it was good. I usually roast my veggies in olive oil and salt and I didn’t realize how boring that had become. The sesame and poppy seed flavors worked very nicely with the vegetables. It was a different taste, but still a subtle one. Just a little oomph for the veggies.

Rick and I spent dinner thinking about all the fun things we could do with these spices, and I plan to experiment more! I may try some of the recipes on their site too. Who knows? Thank you for sharing with me Bagel Spice.

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