What is Venison

Venison is a type of meat that has been hunted by humans for thousands of years. It’s lean, red meat comparable to beef and lamb. In Native American culture, the deer was considered sacred because it provided food, clothing, and shelter to many people. Today Venison can be purchased from any grocery store or hunting supply shop in the United States. The price varies depending on where you buy it from but typically ranges from $8-$10 per pound at retail prices which is less expensive than most other types of protein available today.

5 Delicious Ways to Prepare Venison for Your Next Meal

If you're looking for a change from beef, chicken, or pork, venison can make for a delicious and nutritious meal option. Here are five different ways to prepare venison that are sure to impress your taste buds.1. Grilled Venison with Chimichurri Sauce Marinate venison...

10 Best Venison Recipes

Venison is a very healthy meat to eat it is low in fat and calories, but still provides plenty of protein. Here are 10 recipes for delicious dishes made with venison-from tacos to chili to burgers! 1. Venison Tacos: These tacos are a great way to enjoy venison without...

The Importance Of Aging Deer Meat

The Importance Of Aging Deer Meat Aging meat is a crucial step in the butchering process that greatly affects the flavor, texture, and overall quality of the meat. For centuries, people have known that hanging game meats out to dry in barns or cool basements improves...

Venison a Nutritious Meat

Venison is one of the most nutritious meats you can come by. It’s lower in fat and calories than beef, pork, or chicken. Venison contains more iron per serving than any other meat; it has a high concentration of vitamins C and B12; and it has twice as much protein per...

Simple Things you Need to Start a Successful Bakery

The moment you decide to commercialize your passion; you are in for a new business experience. As simple as it may sound, without proper planning, you may end up closing shops before you break even. Every successful bakery requires a business plan. Ask yourself a few...

Marinated Venison

Marinated Venison Marinating deer steak is highly recommended because there's no fat on the venison. You will want to marinate your venison in a sealable plastic bag. Ingredients 2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce 2 tablespoons Soy Sauce 1/2 cup Olive Oil 2...

How to Age Your Venison

How To Age Your Venison Just like all types of meat, venison requires a lot of hang time. Aged venison or deer meat has a better flavor than venison that hasn't been aged. Furthermore, natural enzymes break down connective tissue, effectively tenderizing the meat....


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