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Who are we? We’re glad you asked. We’re the hunter and venison cook.

When I (Susan) met Rick, I’d only ever had venison once. Fortunately for Rick, I’m a very adventurous eater. So when he asked if I wanted to try it again, I said sure. He prepared it beautifully (yes, he was the venison cook that day… it was pepper encrusted medallions, to be exact). I was hooked.

Good thing. Once Rick got into the serious hunting groove, I realized I needed to figure out what to do with the hundreds of pounds of venison that would be coming through the kitchen. A girl can only eat so much chili! I became the venison cook.

Who is the Venison Cook?

the venison cook

Susan grinds venison for burgers.

I love to cook. In fact, I had considered going culinary school, but never really want to be a professional chef. So, I take classes for serious recreational cooks. Check out the link below for Rouxbe on-line cooking school—this place is awesome! I have some of their tutorials on this site. In my cooking classes, I hone my skills and have a blast. I also love experimenting with recipes, always delighting in finding something delicious to serve.

By profession, I am a heath coach. My company, Gutsy Health, helps women who are struggling with their health feel better. I’m also a writer. With one novel under my belt (Confessions of a Frog Kisser), I had been wondering what the next project should be. One morning while looking for an interesting venison roast recipe, I got the idea to become the venison cook and write a venison cookbook. What a wonderful way to combine my love of writing with my love of cooking, and to make an adventure out of preparing the venison Rick brings home.

Being the venison cook is an adventure. The cookbook is a great resource, but this site has many more recipes. Enjoy!

Who is the venison hunter?

We live in Northern Virginia, where there is a very serious problem with the White Tail Deer population. Our county has decided that bow hunters are the only viable solution to getting this problem under control. Enter Rick and his bow hunting friends.


Rick kicking back and waiting to eat some venison enchilads.

Rick learned to hunt while stationed in Germany when he was in the Army. It was all guns, and the training was very rigorous. He loved it! But, he came back home after his tour was over and didn’t hunt for many, many years (he was a little busy with school, children, career, and what not).

A few years ago, he picked up a bow for the first time since he was a kid. He’d always loved archery, and found got right back into the swing. A few of his archery friends hunted and invited him out to hunt some property in Loudoun County. That first season he hunted with a traditional long bow…and he got a few deer! More importantly, he was hooked. Bow hunting combined his love of archery with his love of hunting. And, as a bow hunter, he had access to hunting practically in our backyard.

He’s upgraded his bow these days, but he’s still doing mostly urban hunting. Yes, that means he sets up the tree stand in someone’s backyard (with their permission, of course). Last year, he got 20 deer. That sounds impressive (it is impressive), but 20 Northern Virginia White Tails don’t yield as much meat as 20 Colorado Mule Deer! That said, at least 300 lbs of meat got donated to very grateful neighbors, family, and friends.

When he isn’t hunting, Rick manages his business. He owns Rejuvenations Massage Therapy, a therapeutic massage center in Herndon, Virginia.